This post has been one of the most requested ones on my social media – I have been sharing that I’ve made kombucha a part of my daily regimen and that I have perfected a very simple recipe on how to make it at home. In the UAE, you still can’t buy the fermented tea because it’s been proven to… View Post

I have been wondering for the longest time if I should introduce the topic of food to my blog. It’s a fairly saturated niche and I don’t want to become one of those ”cyber-Jacks-of-all-trades”. Having said that, after a lot of pondering and dwelling I realised that it’s actually one of my biggest interests and an area I know a… View Post

The bone broth trend is a wellness fad to some, on par with extensive juicing and turmeric lattes. If you think about it though, most of us when growing up were served a variation on ”grandmas chicken soup” when feeling unwell. Whilst I got over the habit of a daily green juice and never got into turmeric lattes, a cup… View Post