My life as a full time traveller started around the time I moved to the UAE. This means that I frequented the Middle East, North Africa and Asia but had very little knowledge of my home continent, Europe. As I currently have Stockholm as my base it is time to change that. Prague has always been on my to do… View Post

In order to fully explain why this trip was extra special to me I have to start by saying that I have always been a self proclaimed anglophile, i.e a person who is very fond of England. In fact, the Four Seasons Hampshire would easily qualify as one of my top 3 travel experiences to this date and it planted… View Post

The Maldives are a destination that most will have on their bucket list – and rightfully so. Icing sugar hued sand, clear blue waters, five star service – as budget options are not in abundance here – and a genuine sense of hospitality from the Maldivian people: the sales pitch writes itself. In addition to that, every blogger under the… View Post