On occasions when I get asked: ”so how is it to be back”, words cascade out of me. Most of the time though I smile politely and say “I am not sure yet”. Guess what – it has now been four months since I moved back, and there has been no significant progress in my internal ”here vs there” debate.… View Post

A few weeks ago, during an Instagram DM conversation, someone complimented me on how my new life in Sweden suited me and that I seemed to be thriving. Needless to say I was grateful for the well wishes and the chat continued on a jolly note but the word ”thriving” set something off within me. The seed was planted and… View Post

In order to fully explain why this trip was extra special to me I have to start by saying that I have always been a self proclaimed anglophile, i.e a person who is very fond of England. In fact, the Four Seasons Hampshire would easily qualify as one of my top 3 travel experiences to this date and it planted… View Post

The two cities (Stockholm and Dubai) could not be any more different, yet I have found a soothing equilibrium in calling both of them my home. I remember very vividly when I first discussed the idea of moving to the UAE with my (at the time) best friend. We had spent our university years daydreaming about the big move, and… View Post

Shopping at the high street part of the mall can be a stylistic home run – as long as you stay clear of cocktail dresses made out of flammable materials or footwear made of leather substitutes that guarantee Athletes foot. There are tricks to ensure that you maximise your monies worth, avoid panic buys and put together timeless premium looking… View Post

When it comes to red lipsticks I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned connoisseur and whilst I won’t go as far as saying that I feel naked without one, I guess the only time you’ll see me barelipped is when I am doing sports. The odd yin yoga class with me proudly sporting MACs Russian Red might have occurred but… View Post

When it comes to injectables, the first topic that needs covering is why we still feel the need to justify why we are getting them done in the first place. There is still a fair amount of stigma around semi invasive procedures and I have personally had to defend myself for choosing to go down that road. What is a… View Post

The Maldives are a destination that most will have on their bucket list – and rightfully so. Icing sugar hued sand, clear blue waters, five star service – as budget options are not in abundance here – and a genuine sense of hospitality from the Maldivian people: the sales pitch writes itself. In addition to that, every blogger under the… View Post

I have recently been on what can only be described as an Eat Pray Love escapade – I am cringing a little as I am typing these words because despite that I am a die hard fan of Elisabeth Gilbert and everything she stands for –  I feel that her words have been turned into one too many cheesy Pinterest… View Post