The two cities (Stockholm and Dubai) could not be any more different, yet I have found a soothing equilibrium in calling both of them my home. I remember very vividly when I first discussed the idea of moving to the UAE with my (at the time) best friend. We had spent our university years daydreaming about the big move, and… View Post

When it comes to red lipsticks I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned connoisseur and whilst I won’t go as far as saying that I feel naked without one, I guess the only time you’ll see me barelipped is when I am doing sports. The odd yin yoga class with me proudly sporting MACs Russian Red might have occurred but… View Post

When it comes to injectables, the first topic that needs covering is why we still feel the need to justify why we are getting them done in the first place. There is still a fair amount of stigma around semi invasive procedures and I have personally had to defend myself for choosing to go down that road. What is a… View Post